Protect your iPhone

Here is an example of how your iPhone could look like should you live a klashy lifestyle. 


These incidents can be avoided by using iPhone covers. The problems with these covers is that they are usually quite ugly and boring. But since we are not born for boring, Klash came up with three new weekly klashes where you can win some cool covers by Seconda Base who try to get the boring out of design.

All you have to do to win one of these cool covers is to take part in either one of our three weekly klashes. Show us your punky attitude, give as a good long whatsuuup or show us your headbanging skills. Should you be among the top 5 we will send you your reward. Fairly simple, right?

So go ahead and show us what you can do!

What can you do in 10 seconds?

There are lot of great things one can do in only 10 seconds. Catch up with Usain Bolt and he can tell you some stories about that.


In fact, 10 seconds are just the right amount of time to prove most of your accomplishments. In 10 seconds you can try and kiss a girl in a bar and get slapped for it. In ten seconds you can showcase your singing skills under the shower. You could also try to eat a spoon of cinnamon. (However, we are pretty sure you won’t succeed with the latter but should you do, please send us some footage)

And since the 10 seconds feel so right we have implemented 10 second videos into our newest version of the app. Know however, that when Klash talk videos we do not just refer to normal videos. Our video format lets you create your own cuts. You only record the video if you have your finger on the screen of your Iphone. If you take it off it will stop. If you put it on again it will continue to record. Pretty cool, right? 

Of course 10 second videos can represent a challenge in itself! So that’s why we came up with our three new weekly klashes! So take part in either making a paper plane, eating a snack or telling a bad joke. Of course all of that in only 10 seconds each!

However when it comes to the jokes.. Try to do it as good as this guy…

Greetings from the Klash HQ

How much do you want it? - The campaign

Michael Jordan winning the finals with fever, Andre Ward winning a box fight with a broken hand and Lance Armstrong winning the Tour de France on drugs! (Seriously, being on drugs we probably wouldn’t even be able to walk straight but this guy wins bike races.)




In the end, winning is all about how much you really want it! And to celebrate our amazing new app release we will give you the chance to earn an iPad mini with our HOW MUCH DO YOU WANT IT campaign. The whole contest is based on our latest feature called “Get klashed” which allows you to do daring stuff on your own and even lets you win real rewards. No friends around to play with? No problem!

How it works:

Download or update to the latest version of the klashapp. All you have to do is to complete the most get klashed klashes. As usual, these dares consist of fun stuff such as imitating Tarzan on the street; getting someone to kiss your butt; balancing a fruit on your head and many more. You get the idea…


We will show a little ranking on our Kyramid (Klash Pyramid) and in a tab on our Facebook page which will be updated every day so you can find your standing. (So don’t forget to like it) 

You will earn one point for every successfully completed Klash. However, we want to reward people with an additional point for very good performances. This being said, we will award you with 0,1 point for every thumbs up you receive. So share your klash and invite your friends to take part!


In the first week, you will be able to complete three get klashed klashes per day! The campaign will end on April 25th 11pm CET.The klashes will get a little harder the more you do. Well, did you think this would be easy?You will have to earn it!

So remember:

It’s not how hard you get klashed but how hard you can get klashed and keep on moving forward! (yes that’s a paraphrased Rocky quote).

Should you have any questions don’t hesitate to comment here or shoot us an email at!


The Klash team at your service! 


love letter..

Dear Klashapp,


It’s me.


Your iPhone.


It’s been sometimes now that I have these strong and intense feelings for you.


I don´t know why but I could never tell you. Maybe because I was too ashamed seeing you next to all these other useful but somewhat boring apps.


Maybe, I was just not confident enough. You know it’s not always easy when they abuse your camera for all this boring self portraits in the mirror. And telling all these apps where exactly I am all the time just makes me really week on battery.


Productivity apps. Not that I don’t like them!


But I was not assembled for boring!


However, today!


Today, when I updated you to the newest Klash version it felt like heaven on earth!


And I just needed to break my vow of silence!


I loved everything about you. I really did!


The guy in his pyjamas!


The crazy Dutch dude doing the “snow angel”.


But ever since now you are using this super cool GIF technology to upload stop motion proves I am entirely yours. 


Yours forever!


Did you see this guy flying around?

Or the guys doing the pushups?

 The mega jump?

I mean with those stop motion pictures you make it even possible to break the laws of Physics!


This new Weekly Klash called “beat gravity” just made my day!


 And giving away bungee jumps for the best proof! How nice of you!


I can not stop looking at it!


So much excitement! It almost makes my screen burst!


Of course I also fell in love with your new stream.


 So simple and clean.






Klash I think..


I love you…





The Klash Workout Plan


How high is your dedication towards your job? How much can your job intrude your personal life? Is there a “too much”? A point where you would have to stop and say no? 

Well if you work at Klash the answer is simply no…

Here is a little story about our Swedish intern August:

On a “sunny” monday morning in Berlin we received a very nice Klash from a certain Swedish Hyper Island student called August.

 “I klash you to meet up for a coffee”

 Struck by the miss-use of our platform, which is strictly reserved for “not born for boring” stuff and not for simple coffee invitations we overcame our ego and met up.

 August: “I wanna work for you”

 After making him shoot five espressos in a row in his boxer shorts (we had to make sure  he was Klash material) and considering the fact that August was “cheap and sexy” (well not really sexy yet but we are getting there) we’ve decided to hire him. On probation of course…

So this is how August described himself:

Height: 190cm

Waist: too much

Hips: too much

Bust: too much

Eyes: blue

Face: handsome

IQ: high

To sum up: August has the potential to be the Swedish godlike kind of guy that every woman would fall for. However, his handsomeness is yet covered beneath a layer of unnecessary chubbiness that is a relict of his former lifestyle full of cigarettes, burgers and play station…

Unashamedly talking advantage of August’s probation time we’ve decided to change that.

So we proudly introduce our newest Klash campaign called: Getting August ready for June.



By applying the “klash workout plan” we will make August become the fittest guy on the block. And guess what! You will take a major part in all of that.

How it works:

The “Klash-Workout-Plan” is a set of crowd voted activities that will ultimately make August a fitter man. Obviously the “Klash” in the name already suggest that these activities are far from any normal sport you might know. Every week we will provide you with some examples of what August could do to become fitter. These activities might range from running through Berlin in pink tights; surfing in the Spree river; 3 days survival in the woods with nothing more than a knife and a mankini; or even ballet dancing. These options will then be polled on our facebook page. The activity with the most votes will then be performed by August. The week after we will show you proofs of his accomplishments before we poll for the following week. Got it? Easy right. Of course feel free to come up with some cool Klash workout activities and send them to

For those who believe we are to harsh on our intern we wanna let you know that you can now klash team Klash!! So no hard feelings please..

August and the rest of us are ready for some dedication!


Keep on klashing! 



We are still here..

So apparently the world did not end. That’s good for the most of it!

Obviously, Berlusconi potentially coming back to office, your unpaid bills and not ever again having to listen to “last christmas I gave you my heart” might have been the “sweet” in a bittersweet end of the world. But seems like we are still here so lets have some fun.

 It is still unclear why the world did not end but would it have been the end the last moments would have probably looked like this:

 As you see the two guys are awaiting the apocalypse in their boxershorts:image

A: Dude, it really had to come down to this… Only now can I get out of my comfort zone and wear these boxershorts with pride.


B: I know.. What a waste of fun. Why do people always need to be pushed to the edge to finally enjoy life in its fullest?

 A: I wish I´d known Klash earlier…

 B: Word.. 

True story.

Anyhow, the point I am trying to make here is: Why the hell does hell have to break loose before people behave in the way they want?

Stop that shit and take part in our weekly Klash! Boxershorting means showing your boxer shorts in public-private places. Because its fun!!! Who likes pants anyway? The fashion industry?


Lets have some fun and do boxershorting!




Team Klash


Cooking with your own farts – the Carbon-Neutral-Klash

Paris – French environmentalist, Pierre Du Cumnt, has successfully completed its zero-carbon footprint-week challenge, making him the first man since the beginning of the industrial era to live a

carbon-neutral week.

Pierre Du Cumnt, a graduate from the prestigious French École Polytechnique, is currently without a job and living on unemployment benefits outside of Marseills.

“I decided to do this Klash after an argument with my best friend who told me I achieved absolutely nothing in my life and that I was a waste of taxpayers’ money”.

Pierre, who worked very hard to prepare for the challenge, generated the energy needed for heating, cooking and lighting thanks to a static’s bike dynamo on which he rode 3 hours a day every day of the week and through an Anal Biogas Collector (“ABC”), an Austrian invention which allows humans to collect gas produced by the digestive system and generally evacuated through farts.

Anal Biogas Collector

Anal Biogas Collector Machine


“It was a really hard thing to do” – “the biking was tough but I guess the hardest part was sleeping with the Anal Biogas Collector, something I don’t recommend to my worst enemies - I was very surprised with the amount of gas I produced each night; my girlfriend has been telling me for a while but I never really believed her. It was also extremely hard to cook with the gas, given the slight je-ne-sai-pas-quoi smell which it left on the food.”

To increase the amount of gas-farts production, Pierre followed a strict pulses’ diet of beans, favas and lentils for breakfast, lunch and even supper, replacing his traditional daily French feast of Camembert, foie gras and baguettes.

“This was a huge achievement for me and I am really proud of it as a French man; I can go now back to my friend and tell him I finally achieved something worthwhile”

Meanwhile Pierre is also thinking about turning this into a real business “I am discussing with the Austrian company which patented the Anal Biogas Collector the possibility of  rolling-it-out on French supermarkets’ shelves; it is really not  comfortable but it is certainly very useful invention!”


This blog post has been written by Rodger Panza who approached us via e-mail telling us that our blog is shit (not to be confused with „the shit“ which would be quite positive) . After several mails that included insulting our mothers we agreed on building a relationship based on mutual respect and trust. So from now on Rodger Panza will write some little posts here and there. We thank you very much! Greetings to your mother!

Congrats to Corrado for winning the iPhone 5!

… and the winner of the first “This Week in Klash” is Corrado with a gigantic amount of votes for his piture proofs! 257 votes in Total! He klashified his world and now has the new iPhone 5!

We were amazed by the enormous race for the first place. On Day 3, our users Felix, Alessia and Corrado started to get more votes than all the other participants. On day 5, Alessia seemed as she’s gonna win the iPhone when all of a sudden she approached 200 votes. However, then all of a sudden Corrado’s votes got a boost and jumped to over 250!

We congratulate Corrado and Klash him to win the next "weekly klash" as well! ;)

Already klashifieing your world??

Hey Klashers..

Seeing this amazing community engaging around our brand is indeed one of the most rewarding moments when you try to build up a strong brand identity.


This is exactly the feeling we get when looking at our current ongoing “Klashify your world”. And its only running until this wednesday 3pm!!  So yes!! You still have some time to win this amazing new I Phone 5! Just upload your Pictures and collect the most votes from your friends and our community!  


We had amazing submissions starting from Klash-fingernails.. Klashified breakfast to Klash Yoga and even some other “crazy proofs” (See for yourself )


SO get off your couch and show us how you “klashify your world”!!


Because after all, WE ARE NOT BORN FOR BORING!!!


Be a Go-Getter, get what you want!

STOP. Before you dive into reading the next few paragraphs, take a second and look around. Look for the things you would LOVE to own. Sounds weird but don’t worry, you can now be materialistic for just a few moments. Trust me, I wont tell anyone ;)

Sometimes, it’s that nice pair of shoes in the shop-window, or those cool new sunglasses that someone is wearing, which we want to own so badly. Sometimes it’s that new laptop of a friend or maybe the new slick and beautiful iPhone 5 you just saw in a commercial. Besides our aspirations for a successful career, a great healthy future, or endless fun in life, we all have materialistic dreams. BIG DREAMS.

Think of it this way. All that stuff belongs to someone and they were in the very same situation as you are before they owned it. They first dreamed about the things they would love to own. No difference to you, until now. But why do they own it? Because they got out of their pinky comfort zones and f***ing GOT it! They went after their dreams and turned it into reality. Easy or hard, the first step is to go and do it.

Now, STOP again. Think of, let’s say, the brand new iPhone 5 and imagine you’re klashing your friends with it. Beautifully designed, latest technology, right there in your hands… Now, do something different. Be a GO-GETTER and GET your iPhone 5, NOW!

Klash makes it happen, enter the app and join the Klash where we klash you to “klashify your world!” Submit a picture where you turn your everyday, usual surrounding into a crazy playground. Play a prank on friends and be outrageous. Step out of your comfort zone and do it.

Here, some inspiration:

How can you participate?

1. Enter the App and click on the “Hot” filter. You will see the Klash on top of the stream. Click on “klashify your world.”. Or, click here to get to the web app-version.

2. Click on the “Add proof” box and add your crazy picture proof.

3. Get Votes! Remember, if you get the most votes, you will win the Klash. 

     Hint: Invite friends to vote for you easily through clicking on the “vote” button next to your screen and inviting them through the sharing-options on the top-right of the screen ;)


Start klashing now and GET your reward! You can do it.:)

Don’t postpone your dreams in the hope to get it someday in the future…

Here, you can find some klashy stuff (logo templates to cut out) to klashify your world: Download Zip Folder.

NOTE: We strongly recommend to update your iPhone App to the latest version 1.1, here

We thank Venista Ventures for being the provider of the iPhone 5.